Top 10 Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand

Social media is a new growing digital world, taking all the possibilities of prosperity for a brand or business. Even if you are an expert in the social media platform, or growing new interest in it, it is always necessary to know the top social media platforms to work around to attain desired organic traffic to the website. There are many types of social networking sites, and they help in optimizing the brand image. Social Media marketing companies can change the whole business success rate through attractive advertising and marketing schemes.

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Listed below are a couple of most popular social networking sites, which can help to promote your new brand –

1. Facebook

Facebook has grown into one of the most effective ways to seek out your target audience, develop an email list, and receive new clients. Additionally, it is an excellent place to socialize with your customers as soon as you’ve captured their attention. Many businesses choose to create private chat groups on the platform where paying clients can join, socialize, present questions, and also have a personalized experience with the new brand. This is the most social media platform site, boasting over 1.5 billion active monthly users. This platform is very good for a small company that’s wanting to promote events or products. Facebook is among the most useful social media services in India.


2. Instagram

Instagram is a famous photo and video sharing social media platform. This platform can help you to eliminate clutter, highlighting the products and services in a very visual manner. A social media marketing company may use the website to reveal business achievements like participation in charity, travel, parties and so on. As a brand, the marketing company can get an Instagram business profile, which will supply you with rich analytics of your profile and articles along with the capability to schedule Instagram articles utilizing third-party tools.

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3. Twitter


Twitter is a social networking site for news, entertainment, sports, politics, and much more. Twitter is a different type of social networking site with a significant focus on real-time info, things which are occurring at the right time. Twitter’s worth lies in its capacity to make your articles go viral. It is possible to use the platform to post your company’s upgrades, recent information and more. Hashtags play a significant part in creating your article’s momentum so make specific use of relevant hashtags to get a soundtrack for your business. 



WhatsApp is among the most popular social networking sites all over the world. Previously WhatsApp was just used by people to keep in touch with their loved ones, members and friends. Gradually, people started communicating businesses via WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been constructing its own company’s platform allowing organizations to have a suitable business profile, to give customer support, and also to talk about upgrades with clients regarding their purchases. For smaller organizations, it’s assembled the whatsApp Business app while for moderate and large organizations, there is the whatsApp Business API. It is a top social media services in India for both Customers and the organizers.



YouTube has become an essential social media marketing tool for companies in every industry, of every size to promote their services and products to prospects and customers. YouTube can be a great social media platform to advertise the product or content. To advise the brand on YouTube, one can grab the product of that brand then take a video of the particular product or tape some message, and after that, upload the video into YouTube. It will reach many people, and It is a popular type of social networking site in India as well as all over the globe.

6. Pinterest


Pinterest is just another entertaining picture sharing social media platform. Pinterest is a place where people visit for finding new objects and also be inspired, quite unlike many social media websites where participation would be the principal focus. It can give your brand an exceptional possibility to shape their own purchasing decisions. As Pinterest users are interested in being motivated to buy or try new things, using a presence on Pinterest can help put your brand in their heads.

7. Snapchat


Snapchat is an image processing application that has gained enormous popularity in India. It is possible to use this application to share with you promo codes, demonstrate your products and sometimes partner using influencers as being a way to raise your brand awareness. Snapchat is a social media service in India that specializes in sharing photos and short videos between friends. Here users can make stories, which can be used on other social networking sites such as Instagram. If your target market is mainly for a younger generation, subsequently Snapchat might be the most popular social networking sites for business for you.

8. Tumblr


Tumblr is just a micro-blogging platform and which makes it a unique type of social networking site. It’s best utilized for sharing videos, images, text, graphics, sound or any such thing which you enjoy to share. Tumblr can be just really an excellent social media site you may use to advertise your brand online, also tons of chances to establish and grow your brand presence. Many brands have gradually realized the strength of Tumblr being a marketing resource, and have started adopting it being a platform to their businesses.

9. LinkedIn


Linkedin is the leading professional social media platforms around the globe. It can help well in participation and build an expert network with other users within it. LinkedIn is a social networking platform which may be utilized to build brand awareness and relationship with clients. By posting engaging articles and engaging in industry negotiations, organizations using Linkedin can promote to prospective clients and partners.

10. Quora


This question-and-answer platform enables one to place yourself being an expert in your area. Offer consistent, credible replies and also determine traffic for your site increase. Interlinking to a relevant site of your website will bring a great fortune in organic trafficking to your website. Quora isn’t just a place to advertise services and products. It’s a location where your subject matter experts and other team members may grow their idea, leadership and, in doing this, increase your brand reputation.


There are many leading social media platforms which are popular and of course, ideal to utilize wisely for a sound awareness of your brand to the potential customers. The use of social networking web sites is rising daily, every time someone enrols on those websites to advise their services and products to their target customer.

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