Tips to Grow on Instagram Using Hashtags!

Hashtags Research

Research your competitors and/or influencers and find out which hashtags they use. When you spot a trending topic or hashtag within your niche, take note of that.⠀

Number of Hashtags

The maximum number of hashtags you can use per feed post is 30 and 10 for stories.

Don’t use too many at once to avoid “spammy” behavior.

Use 10-25 Hashtags instead, for your feed posts and 5-9 for your stories.

Where to add hashtags in your feed?⠀

Add 2-3 hashtags in your caption and the rest in your first comment.

By putting hashtags in your first comment, it will keep your caption cleaner. After some comments on your image, your comment with all the rest of the hashtags you added will be placed down. So it will not be up any longer (as long as you get comments on your added picture).

Where to add hashtags in your stories?

If you want to add several hashtags to your Instagram Story, you can add them to the text option. You can hide hashtags or mentions if you make them the same color as the background. But the data will still be there. Have you already tried that? This way, your Story will reach more people.⠀

Create your own Hashtag and use it.

Make sure that it has to be unique, easy to spell and to remember, and it must represent your brand. Use capitalization for easier readability.

One of the advantages of using a custom hashtag on Instagram is the lack of competition.

Use hashtag generator

Use hashtag generators so that you can find the perfect combination of hashtags for each of your posts.

You can use tools like allhashtag. It gives you the top 30 and more hashtags based on your keyword selection. There are 3 filter options to choose so that you can find the right hashtags you need: top, random, or live.

Add hashtags to your profile biography.⠀

Having hashtags in your Instagram bio will help you to increase the search power. It will help people to know exactly what your profile is about as long as you use relevant hashtags to your niche or industry.⠀

What types of hashtag you should use?⠀

Mix branding, niche, category, and location-focused hashtags.⠀

Don’t repeat the same group of hashtags over and over.

Follow Instagram Hashtags

You can follow Instagram hashtags in your niche to stay on top of new trends or your competitors’ hashtags to see what they publish.

Avoid Banned Hashtags

Using banned Instagram hashtags could shadowban or block your account.

If you want to use a “new” hashtag, check if it is banned before you use it!
Some hashtags might be banned temporarily causing them to appear or disappear in a hashtag search on the app.

Here you can find the list of the banned Instagram hashtags

Hashtags in other languages

If your audience is very international or your intention is to bring their attention, my recommendation is to add some hashtags in other languages (depending on your audience).

How to do that? Let’s see… For example, If you are a Digital Manager in a Hotel in Barcelona, Spain and you want to promote Barcelona to international travelers. You want them to see your hotel’s Instagram profile.

Then you would use the word “Barcelona” as one of your hashtags of course, but… you would also use it in other languages like:

Italian: #Barcellona
French: #Barcelone
Russian: #Барселона
Chinese Simplified: #巴塞罗那
Japanese: #バルセロナ

Now, you will ask him, how to know those words in those languages?


1. Ask a native speaker 😃
2. Use Google Translator 🌏 and afterward go to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linked-in and check if that hashtag shows the correct information

After you are sure, it’s correct, save it and use it in some posts as hashtags.

You’ll Surely get more engagement if you do so.

Hashtags for contests 

If you want to run a hashtag contest in order to get more followers or recognition to your brand or Instagram profile, you can create a unique hashtag for that purpose.

The advantage is that it increases your Instagram engagement and followers.
The disadvantage is that, once the contest is finished, some people may unfollow you because the main reason for following you was the fact to take part in your contest.

In any case, if you finally decide to run an Instagram contest, you need to create a unique hashtag and then ask participants to use your hashtag in the caption that accompanies their image or video. Additionally, you can ask them to follow your account, tag it and tag a friend in their comment.

When the contest is finished, you can announce the winner.

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  1. I agree with you that using hashtags gives a very good impact on our Instagram account to create more engagements but I have noticed one thing that using hashtags in other languages gives frequent engagements and more likes on our post. Really great article

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