Only Best Tips & Tricks To build a strong Online Reputation Management

In this blog, we gonna discuss the Tips and Tricks of building a strong Online Reputation Management for every business and start-ups. Don’t forget for the Bonus tip at the last.

First off, why is online reputation so important?

It’s huge today!

Everybody looks online for reviews before they call you or they fill out a form, they first search your brand name and the word ‘reviews’ on search engines like Google, and if you don’t look good or impressive online or you don’t have a reputation at all on various online platforms, you might be losing a lot of business just because of that.

Recent studies show that 86% of people, when they go to your website and do some research and decide they might want to call you before they pick up that phone, they go to Google and they search for your name and the word ‘reviews’.

If that looks good, they then reach out. But if it doesn’t, or there are no reviews at all. You’re missing out on that business.

So it’s hugely important and in these six tips, we’re going to tell you how you can improve that.

Tip Number One: Capture reviews Or Get Feedback

From your past customer, that’s the easiest of all. If you don’t have any reviews or you don’t have very many reviews, the first thing you want to do is ask for the feedback and look for the reviews from those past customers or clients.

So the way that we recommend to you is to send them an email asking for feedback and reviews.

Let’s say, you’ve had a thousand past customers, you’re going to email those thousand customers for feedback on your business.

Don’t be afraid of bad reviews. If they have a good experience with you, ask them to leave a review and suggestions, and if they had a bad experience and when they click there, maybe you send them to a feedback form asking them how can you improve and what went wrong, basically funneling that traffic.

The main thing is, you want to capture those feedbacks, and it’s not so important to have every review be five stars.

It’s okay to have some four stars and three stars and some lower ratings too because when people are lookin’ at you and doing some research, they’re going to see that this is authentic.

If it’s all five stars, that might raise a red flag to them, maybe think that you’re gaming the system somehow.

So don’t be afraid to get some low ratings. For the most part, if you do a great job, which I’m sure you do, you’re gonna get great reviews and overall, you’re gonna get a lot more reviews, which is gonna help grow your online reputation.

Tip Number Two: Automate capture future reviews

Well, you’re going to automate that the best way that you can. So if you send out any invoices, if you send out any notifications or newsletters or thank you notes after you do business, anything like that, you’re going to try to automate those processes.

So try to update those templates, your invoice template, or maybe your email signature or your thank you emails that you send update those with a call to action there at the bottom that says “Could you please take a moment to fill this review form to serve you better in the future?”

By doing that along the way as you’re doing business, you’ll be capturing more reviews in an automated way, which is helping grow your online reputation.

Tip Number Three: Always look for face to face reviews

If you have people out in the field, such as visiting for home services or maybe it’s even over the phone, and you’re just calling the customers on a one-on-one basis, or maybe they’re coming in to your office and you’re seeing them on a daily basis face to face, ask them.

When somebody’s asked face to face, the likelihood of them doing it is significantly easier, but you’re going to streamline that process, have it ready, maybe on a tablet, maybe on your computer or the review book so that they can enter the review in right away in real-time, have it ready to go

so when you ask them to review you and they say sure, you can just say here you go and present them whatever you have so that they can make their review.

This is very easy to do and it’s gonna be a great way to help you scale your reviews

so you get more reviews, and typically, when you ask somebody face to face and they’re leaving the review right in front of you, they’re gonna leave a better review.

So, take that tip to the bank and see if you can grow your online reputation even more.

Tip Number four: Read, Reply and Learn from all Reviews

Make sure to read and reply to all reviews, good and bad. Even if it’s just a good review and it’s just a matter of you saying thanks.

By responding, it allows people that are analyzing your online reputation and reading your reviews to see that you care because you’re reading the reviews and you’re responding and they can understand that you care about your business.

When you get a bad review, what you can do is just state the facts.

It’s a mini case that every lead or prospect is looking at when they’re lookin’ at your online reputation, they’re gonna see the customer’s side of the story and then, in your response, they’re gonna see your side of the story, and if you seem super professional, like you enjoy the feedback and that you’re laying out the facts, typically that’s gonna earn you brownie points and they’re gonna hopefully determine that they need to go with you for their overall business.

But also respond to the good reviews. Just respond, read, to every single review. This is gonna look good for you and it’s also gonna build more content so that your online reputation ranks higher over your competitors.

Tip Number Five: Invest time in your Online Reputation.

You might be running your own business & if you don’t have time to do it yourself, appoint somebody from your staff in charge of it and if you don’t have time even for them to do these types of things, hire somebody to do it.

Thedigitalwalurs, we offer reputation management services, and we would love to help you and boost your brand reputation to another level.

There’s a lot of opportunities for you to find the help that you need to build your online reputation.

You just need to do it, so if you’re not gonna do it yourself, make sure somebody does, because it’s not something that can be skipped.

Tip Number Six: Avoid and Remove Fake and Anonymous Reviews.

A lot of times your competitors are gonna see you building your online reputation and they’re gonna try to put a fake negative review out there for you all it’s super frustrating.

A lot of review platforms have processes that you can follow to potentially remove some of those reviews, and if they don’t, you’re not going to get so caught up on it you’re just going to bury it with good reviews. So it just makes it all the more important to be capturing more and more positive feedback.

Bonus Tip

Don’t just have one review site that you’re growing your reputation with, build multiple review sites out there so you have lots of sources that you can control.

And lastly, if you get a fake review or a review, like a competitor leaves a review that potentially could hurt your business, do everything you can to follow the processes to remove that review if you can.

Some review sites allow you to submit things in such a way that they can potentially be removed if it’s proven that they’re fake.

If they don’t allow that, don’t freak out. Just continually ask for good reviews, they’ll push it down, it’ll get buried, and ultimately having’ a few bad ones will only make you look like a real business.

So hopefully these tips will help you to achieve a strong online reputation and eventually it will help grow your business and take you to the next level.

And if there’s anything that We’ve missed something related to How to Grow online reputation, then let us know in the comments.

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